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Success is a good problem to have. Quite often the proof of concept applications end up being very successful and with the growth in usage while being beneficial has its own set of problems. Platforms like Alibaba have 14.3 billion sales transactions every single day. It's unfathomable for new products to be built with such a degree of lookahead, which is why during a code re-architecture effort, scaffolding must be laid over which the software can grow until the next few milestones. The scaffolding must enable scalability, minimize downtime and must not affect development velocity substantially otherwise the product is at risk from potential competitors.

Client Profile

Our client is a global leader in the Cataloging and Media Management Systems for the Artwork industry working with more than 1500 universities, colleges, museums, libraries and schools in 48 countries worldwide.

Key Outcomes from Engagement

  • Zero downtime in 1st year of operation. During this time the load on the system doubled and load related errors went down to zero

  • System was architected with the ability to add server capacity and to be upgraded  with zero downtime

  • A microservice based approach was used to increase development velocity and system manageability

  • The system was designed to be extremely secure

  • A custom analytic framework took care of monitoring system health, usage and growth,  billing and a per use case analytics empowering A/B testability for marketing research

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