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The telecom industry is one of the first industries to adopt big data techniques because of the continual nature of the data being generated. The US alone has 26 million Cellular Towers to deliver data and voice needs to its telecom customers. Network performance metrics need to be monitored on a continual basis and Impact assessments must be made continually by telecom engineers using the relevant data. We helped one telecom company build geospatial visual dashboards that empower engineers to decisions faster utilizing a huge amount of data in the background

Client Profile

The client is a global leader in the Telecom Software Industry and particularly in Network Planning, Analytics, Assurance and Optimization. They work with 300 Telecom service providers in over 100 countries

Key Outcomes from Engagement

  • Geospatial Dashboards that let Operators focus on the actionable data

  • Continually updated metrics to minimize data lag related issues

  • Plan vs Live mode for predicting the effects of adding capacity by integrating with advanced simulation software

  • Heavily customized to integrate with client's existing products, minimizing costs of technology licenses

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