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Mobile caters for 51% of all internet users but only 26% of all internet marketing spend. Companies have only recently begun to realize that for most intents and purposes mobile is the the primary platform for most users. Today's user spends an average of 2.8 hours in front of a mobile screen which spells tremendous opportunity. We helped reimagine one of our clients content over mobile to see tremendous growth and retention

Client Profile

The client is a global leader in the Cataloging and Media Management Systems for the Artwork industry working with more than 1500 universities, colleges, museums, libraries and schools in 48 countries worldwide.

Key Outcomes from Engagement

  • Experiential mobile application for the end users to benefit from A cross platform architecture allowed users of Android and IOS to have easy access

  • Single Sign-on capabilities allowed users access to different services provided by our client and its partners

  • Application provided a lightweight and responsive experience over mobile which was faster than their main site

  • Google Analytics Integration was employed tprovide insights into user behavior and application performance where none existed previously

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