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Technology Strategies for todays business ecosystem

When it comes to all facets of developing software, we rely on a performance-based mindset. Our software life cycle and support processes are not only well defined but also are used to generate continual data that is analyzed to maximize project efficiency. We believe in a culture of transparency, which is why we expose access to real-time project artifacts, ensuring better communication and higher quality outputs.


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Community Backed

Django is trusted by some really recognisable web applications across many verticals such as Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Times, PBS, Bitbucket, & National Geographic. This results in a lot of experiences steering the development of the framework which in turn extends a stable and maintainable base towards your product regardless of whether its a platform for rider tracking, online classrooms or business process management.

Repair vs Rewrite

When consultancies want you to throw away your code and rewrite from scratch, it can be a costly proposition where upfront dev costs are the least of your concern. Feature freezes can kill companies because they can't respond to the changing world. Moreover there's no reason to believe that you won't be back in the same position even if you do make it through. We're highly committed to picking up where your last development team left off, shipping features, improving stability and dealing with technical debt in a transparent and agile fashion.


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Enterprise Grade

Using Django means that you'll be able to use most databases (including Oracle), deploy effortlessly to all major cloud providers, you're also more likely to pass through security audits such as those demanded by Corporate Partners and be notified proactively in case of any new exploits and supported for three years for support release of Django. This also means that most teams should be able to manage IT lifecycle with great ease due to existing best practices and code templates.

Tailored Around You

Whether its a team to develop your product, augment your existing team or a seasoned architect who could audit your current codebase and product needs, make recommendations and come up with a implementation roadmap, or help up-skill your existing team we want to explore the path to the best possible outcomes. We're deeply consultative in our approach and committed to your end goal.

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DevOps and ACIT

DevOps and ACIT

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Active Capital have demonstrated an extremely flexible approach and a proactive understanding of our specifications. [...] We've had a wonderful experience with Active Capital, and we would recommend them to anyone who [is] looking to develop online tools and apps.
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Discovery Call

Discuss of Use Cases Definition

Establish Requirements

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Examine Current Architecture / Design

Evaluate Desired Architecture / Design

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Time and Material Estimates

Thoroughly Explore Different Options

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Full Engagement

Agile Development

Fortnightly Releases

Testing & Deployment

Change Requests

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