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Data is the lifeblood of the enterprise. Issues around data management involve authorization, integration, ETL and analysis. Most software projects treat data as an afterthought, which offers potential cost savings in the short run but it can cause huge issues down later the line. We have helped organizations define standards for data interoperability such as SSIO for the artworld and the toolsets that go around maintaining that data at scale

Client Profile

Our client is a global leader in the Cataloging and Media Management Systems for the Artwork industry working with more than 1500 universities, colleges, museums, libraries and schools in 48 countries worldwide.

Key Outcomes from Engagement

  • Creation of an intermediate API and data definition layer(SSIO) reducing onboarding from 6 months to 2 weeks

  • Architected a scalable ingestion back end that can process thousands huge amounts of data based on NoSQL technology

  • Visual information mappers from SSIO to custom schemas reducing human resource overhead considerably

  • Workflow integration with industry standard data mapping tools like Altova Mapforce & Talend

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