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Technology Strategies for todays business ecosystem

When it comes to all facets of developing software, we rely on a performance-based mindset. Our software life cycle and support processes are not only well defined but also are used to generate continual data that is analyzed to maximize project efficiency. We believe in a culture of transparency, which is why we expose access to real-time project artifacts, ensuring better communication and higher quality outputs.

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The Security You Need, Minus The Hurdles

Regular password and multi-factor credentials appear to be a good security measure until you realize their long-term impact on your business. They can be time consuming resulting in lost labor hours and unnecessary delays, as well as easy targets that can compromise your organisation's security. Single Sign-On (SSO) services like Keycloak can help you cut down on your TCO and help you securely carry out your work and stay on top of things, without needing to juggle numerous credentials between you and your users.

Empower The People That Matter

SSO solutions carry a multitude of benefits across the board for your stakeholders. Employee and Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) tools can enable you to keep up with the ever-expanding data landscape of your organisation without disrupting your team's workflow or the user experience of your customers towards revenue generating platforms.


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Almost the Perfect Solution

Keycloak is the best priced SSO enterprise solution on the market today, utilizing modern technologies that ensure that you keep pace with the latest in SSO solutions. Integrate it with an existing platform or connect it with your social media. Whichever way you choose to deploy it, you'll need a team that understands its limitations and your needs.

We'll Make It Perfect For You

With years of experience of integrating Keycloak for different clients and on different scales, from startups to big data, we can demystify the platform for you in a way that other companies can't. We can create the integrations you need to help your business excel without worrying about the limitations and only thinking about the possibilities. Whether you want to empower employees or protect customers, our agile method and regular deployment ensure that the security of your organization is always in its best shape.

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DevOps and ACIT

DevOps and ACIT

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Active Capital have demonstrated an extremely flexible approach and a proactive understanding of our specifications. [...] We've had a wonderful experience with Active Capital, and we would recommend them to anyone who [is] looking to develop online tools and apps.
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