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Technology for cleaner cities

Lack of maintenance has dire consequences for the tourism industry. Access to data and data based decisions make cities worldover more efficient. For government workers to feel empowered they need to be provided with beautiful applications that helps them communicate better and also lowers the overall turnaround time for coordinated activities. We helped one government department achieve its operational objectives doing just that  

Client Profile

As the municipality of the Dutch capital, it is under tremendous pressure from various stakeholders, to keep the open space areas of the city in top notch condition. A region, soon to host over 6.5 million visitors a year for its beauty, the municipality was tasked with the responsibility of policing and maintaining an area spread over 219 square kilometers

Key Outcomes from Engagement

  • A Cost and time savings by better in application communication

  • Empowering supervisors with remote supervision reducing resolution times for issues

  • A mobile based strategy provides users with complete workflow functionality without compromising mobility

  • Residents of the area could be better notified about city works making them citizens happier

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